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Just a minute (JAM) competition

Just a minute (JAM)” is an interesting game like competition to encourage students to showcase their English communication ability. This competition gives excellent opportunity for the students to further develop their communication capabilities through the challenges that they are made to take on during the competition, posed either by the JAM Master through the interesting and challenging topics that the participants are made to speak on, or by the objections that they have to face from their fellow participants in case they have trespassed the rules of the competition. In totality, the competition is an interesting platform for students to engage in public speaking in a game like situation. Such competitions can encourage students to come out of their shell and develop their confidence to communicate in English.

The JAM Competition was conducted for the second year and third year students of SJCHS on 5th July 2019 at 11 am. The coordinators of the Event- Ms. Tanya D’Souza and Ms. Divya Bhagat welcomed the audience and the participants and laid out the rules of the JAM competition. A variety of topics were given on the spot to students for speaking for sixty seconds. Some of the topics were: “If I were Invisible”, “My Dream Job”, “If Time Stopped” etc. The topics triggered imagination of the participants and kept them engaged in spewing out one thing or the other (though within the context of the topic) with regard to the topics as their turns came otherwise they would have lost the opportunity to score against each other. Sister Hilda, and many teaching faculties and students of different departments witnessed the imagination power and expressions of the participants. This provided students with a golden opportunity to practice and exhibit their speaking skills. The final round further peaked the interest of the audience as they held to their seats watching the finalists racing against each other in the verbal duel.

Jolly Guliana (First place), Srishti Anand (Second), Rosette Nirmal (Third) were declared as the winners of the competition.

It was the first event of the Literary Club for the current academic year and was well received by all-the participants, the audience and the college administration. Sister Hilda, the Administrative Head of SJCHS complimented the students for their participation and enthusiasm. She further requested us ( the Literary Club) to hold the same event on more regular basis than to conduct it as a one time event in an academic year.

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