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International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day held on 21st June, 2024

A Yoga session was conducted on 21st June, 2024 on the occasion of International Yoga Day by the joint venture of NSS unit and IQAC of St John College of Humanities and Sciences,  alghar. The main objective of the session was to promote awareness about Yoga among students. Today, in the busy schedule of day to day life health consciousness is decreasing. Therefore, the session was a good opportunity for the students to get acquainted with the ancient Indian practice of Yoga.

In the beginning of the event the principal Dr. Muktha Jacob addressed all the students. She highlighted the importance of Yoga in one’s life and insisted students to make it a part and parcel of their life. Dr. Vijay Songire, the Yoga session instructor for the event was felicitated by the principal. Mrs. Pooja Shetty, the Vice Principal, Mr. Sachin Gawali, the Head of NSS Unit and Sister Chrisia L.. the administrator of the college were also present for the event.

The session started at 10 a.m. in the morning. The students practised all the warm up exercises. All important yoga postures like Tadasan, tree pose, Mountain pose, Veerasana and others were practised. Few pranayama exercises were also taken. The session was ended at 11:30 a.m.


Aldel Education Trust (AET)
St. John College of Engineering and Management (SJCEM)
St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research (SJIPR)
St. John Junior College (SJJC)
St. John International School (SJIS)

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