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ODESSEY – A JOURNEY OF LEARNING Staff welfare and development committee is a newly formed body whose focus is to ensure continuous learning and enhancement of the staff through creative and innovative programs. The committee was formed in October 2018.So far under the program of Odyssey – A journey of Learning a teachers’ appreciation activity was conducted. The experienced and newly joined faculty gave 20 minutes lectures on their preferred topic. Every teacher displayed their strengths and ideas they use in classroom teaching. Everyone present; learnt a great deal about different teaching methods, means for classroom management and ways to make their lectures more engaging and enhancing for the students. All the presenters were applauded for their creative teaching methods and management skills. They also got critical feedback from their peers on their areas of improvement. It was a learning experience for everyone.


Khadi Fest

Khadi Fest The Women Development Cell organized a Khadi exhibition cum sale of Khadi Garments on 12/10/2018 to create an awareness about Khadi among students. Khadi was always promoted by Gandhi Ji for self reliance and self employment. Students gained knowledge about Khadi and it’s relevance with the Freedom Movement. How Gandhi Ji successfully ran the Swadeshi movement by weaving Khadi on Charkha and encouraged to boycott polyester. Gandhiji also always promoted self empowerment of women. The women from rural areas mainly weave the Khadi cloth. The promotion of Khadi empowers women as well. The Swadeshi movement also has it’s relevance in even today’s scenario. The Prime minister Shri. Narendra Modi promotes “Make in India” A large variety of Khadi Garments were exhibited in the Khadi Fest, by Maharashtra Khadi Bhandar which was liked and bought in large quantity by the Faculties, Students and Admin Staff of Aldel Education trust. The parents of Students also visited the Fest and appreciated the efforts. The students got a sales training at the stalls and enjoyed the fest. The Khadi fest remained a successful event with overwhelming response..

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Clothes Distribution Drive

Clothes Distribution Drive Programme In-charge: Prof. Maqsood Memon (NSS Programme Officer, SJCHS), Mr. Sachin Urade (NSS Programme Officer, SJCEM) St. John College of Humanities and Sciences, Palghar – NSS Unit in association with Palghar cloth bank took an initiative and organized NSS Clothes Collection Drive at St.John Technical Campus, Palghar. The Drive duration was from 11th October to 17th October 2018.The purpose of this activity is to provide clothes to the needy and poor Tribal Children, Families nearby adopted village Dastooripda by St.John College of Humanities and Sciences (SJCHS). The NSS Volunteers started this activity with the daily follow up in all institutes of St.John Technical Campus.Volunteers kept boxes near the entrances of all the institutes with catchy note/ slogan “ Donate Clothes – for the poor and needy ”. The boxes were donated by Palghar Cloth Bank.There was overwhelming response from Teaching, Non – Teaching staff and students in the St.John Technical Campus. Volunteers took sincere efforts in collecting all the clothes and segregated them as per age groups. On 20thOctober, 2018 NSS Volunteers of SJCHS – NSS unit conducted the said drive at adopted village Dastooripada.The Drive was started with the introductory speech given by Mr. Sachin Urade. Thus totally 10 volunteers actively participated in this Drive. The students were very enthusiastic about the drive as they were happy after experiencing the cheerful and happy faces of the children in tribal community.The villagers accepted all the clothes without any grudging which were distributed by NSS Volunteers. On the whole, the drive was very fruitful for the villagers. As a result, they appeared very much positive and supportive about the programme when they witnessed sympathy and painstaking efforts for tribal children. They also thanked and appreciated all the NSS Volunteers and Programme officer for taking the initiative in these regards and the Concern of SJCHS-NSS unit for the villagers.

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Anti-Plastic Campaign 2018

Anti-Plastic Campaign Programme In-charge: Prof. Maqsood Memon (NSS Programme Officer, SJCHS), Mr. Sachin Urade (NSS Programme Officer, SJCEM) St. John College of Humanities and Sciences, Palghar (SJCHS) organized various activities on the occasion of Anti Plastic campaign. As per the circular received by NSS cell, University of Mumbai, the activity was to be conducted on 8th September 2018. The NSS Unit organized a Rally, Flash Mob, and Cloth Bags Distribution on the theme of Anti-Plastic Campaign. The Students of St. John College of Humanities and Sciences, Palghar took part in the rally on Anti-Plastic Campaign. The rally was conducted from Palghar Char Rasta to Near State Bank of India”.The Purpose of this activity was to create awareness among people of Palghar. The main motive of this rally was to create awareness about the harmful uses of plastic and its effects on the environment. The rally was started by the introductory speech given by Shrisha Bari the student of SJCHS . The rally was inaugurated by the District co-ordinator Prof. Vivek Kudu and Dr. B.S. Ajit Kumar (Principal, SJCHS), Palghar Nagar Parishad officials , Palghar Police officers , faculty co-ordinator Mr.Sachin Gavli and Mr.Sachin Urade (NSS Programme Officer, SJCEM) . The Principal of SJCHS instructed the students to make public awareness about the adverse effects of plastic bags on the environment. The government officials ,various schools and colleges in Palghar Tehsil participated in this rally. A total of 50 NSS Volunteers participated. The students were very enthusiastic about the rally as they demonstrated with slogan and performed flashmob which made the public attracted towards the eliminating of the plastic bags and by using the cloth bags which were made by the students. The rally was started from the Chaar Rasta, then moved to the fish market , further the vegetable market, then the Palghar railway station to Panch Batti and then it returned to our final destination near State Bank of India. Almost all the areas of the Palghar were covered to convey the message to the human beings. Three flash mobs were performed at different places, namely fish market, station and State bank of India. The vote of thanks was given by Neha Gupta, the NSS volunteer . Prof. Maqsood Memon took active role for organizing the rally. Palghar Mitra Editor Neeraj Raut gave a fruitful support for the same. Thus the volunteers successfully persuaded the minds of people in general.

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13th Avishkar Research Convention

13th Avishkar Research Convention The two groups of Students from SY BMS and Bsc IT participated in the Research Convention from Department of Student’s development, University of Mumbai. The students attended the Guidelines workshop at G.G. College, Vasai on 1/9/2018. Based on the Guidelines, the students participated in the Research District level Competition held on December 14th at Dandekar College. The Students from SY BMS named Sayali Jadhav, Jolly Guliana, Pooja and Monika, addressed to the problem of Seasonal Entrepreneurs, who produce home made items and sell in a particular season, that is on Diwali in the locally provided temporary markets named GRAHAK PETH, by taking objective to increase their sales using digital means. The students made a Blog and took the Hypothesis that whether using digital fee means, the business can be increased. The Null Hypothesis got rejected and the visibility of their products and sales actually increased. The Group from B.Sc IT Pradeep Bhardwaj, Harshil Jasani, Dhruv Gajra, Mahendra Chauhan and Danial Miranda developed a sensor based Gas Automation System, which worked on automatic turning off the nob of Gas. In case of sensing the Gas leakage. Both the Groups cleared the District level Competition. Both the Groups did compete in the Zonal Level at National College Bandra, in which although the projects were not selected for the next round but were highly appreciated.

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