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13th Avishkar Research Convention

The two groups of Students from SY BMS and Bsc IT participated in the Research Convention from Department of Student’s development, University of Mumbai. The students attended the Guidelines workshop at G.G. College, Vasai on 1/9/2018. Based on the Guidelines, the students participated in the Research District level Competition held on December 14th at Dandekar College.

The Students from SY BMS named Sayali Jadhav, Jolly Guliana, Pooja and Monika, addressed to the problem of Seasonal Entrepreneurs, who produce home made items and sell in a particular season, that is on Diwali in the locally provided temporary markets named GRAHAK PETH, by taking objective to increase their sales using digital means. The students made a Blog and took the Hypothesis that whether using digital fee means, the business can be increased. The Null Hypothesis got rejected and the visibility of their products and sales actually increased.

The Group from B.Sc IT Pradeep Bhardwaj, Harshil Jasani, Dhruv Gajra, Mahendra Chauhan and Danial Miranda developed a sensor based Gas Automation System, which worked on automatic turning off the nob of Gas. In case of sensing the Gas leakage.

Both the Groups cleared the District level Competition. Both the Groups did compete in the Zonal Level at National College Bandra, in which although the projects were not selected for the next round but were highly appreciated.

Aldel Education Trust (AET)
St. John College of Engineering and Management (SJCEM)
St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research (SJIPR)
St. John Junior College (SJJC)
St. John International School (SJIS)

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