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a webinar on the topic ‘binge watching and its effect on health’​

An informative webinar session for the students of St. John College of Humanities and Sciences (SJCHS) was organized by the Department of Arts, SJCHS on the topic ‘Binge watching and its effect on health’ scheduled on 28th February 2022 at 11.10 a.m. in its endeavors to empower the students with the effects of binge watching and the benefits of controlled watching of audio visual content. The session was conducted by Mr. Tanmay Joshi (Asst. Prof.- Psychology, REBT Therapist, psychologist). The webinar was started by Mr. Saurabh Chavan, Asst. Prof. (Psychology), Dept. of Arts, SJCHS who introduced the speaker to the students.

This intriguing session was attended by around 90 students and teachers. The speaker started with an introduction to binge watching. He explained to the audience the effect on cognitive decline due to binge watching. He elaborated on a case study based on binge watching explaining a student who got addicted to watching porn series and movies and how it impacted his life negatively. The speaker talked about some quick facts related to binge watching in which it was found that 61% of the audience on netflix watch 2-6 episodes in one single sitting. Other such facts were also discussed. Later, the speaker enlightened the audience with the effect on social isolation due to binge watching. He also talked about the average required screen time and the screen time which usually binge watchers have. Behavioral addictions related to binge watching were also discussed briefly. Then the speaker spoke about some takeaway points which can help students to control binge watching.

Finally, Mr. Saurabh Chavan expressed his gratitude and vote of thanks towards the Speaker for conducting such an enriching session. He further thanked the Management, Principal of the college Dr. Brajabandhu Das and HOD (Dept. of Arts)- Dr. Ravi Mishra for their exemplary efforts in providing such platforms to the Teachers and the Students and helping them increase their knowledge on binge watching and its effect on health. Feedback form was later sent to the students and the webinar was concluded.

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