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Reagent Paper Presentation Report

The students of F.Y.B.Sc. of St. John College of Humanities & Sciences,Palghar under the guidance of their Chemistry faculty presented on the topic “Reagent Papers”. The aim of this activity was to give the students a general idea on how reagent papers can be made. They were provided all the required apparatus & chemicals to make their own reagent papers and as a team they were encouraged to share their work via presentation. The activity consisted of two sections, presentation and video making.

Every team had to perform the activity in the chemistry laboratory and record a video for the same.

On 5th March 2022, the teams presented their presentation and videos based on the assigned topics.It was observed that students actively participated and were confident while presenting before their classmates, faculty members of the B.Sc. Department & Administrative Head, Sr. Hilda. All the participating team members were well prepared and had put in a lot of efforts in content development and presentation methods.

● Number of participating teams: 3

● Date of presentation: 05/03/2022

● Objective: To give a practical experience to the students and thus explaining to them the benefits of using reagent papers over solid or liquid chemicals.

● Faculty Incharge: Ms. Siena Dbritto

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