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A Seminar On The Topic 'Functions Of Human Resource/Industrial Psychologist In Recruitment, Appraisal And Job Satisfaction.’

An informative seminar for the students of St. John College of Humanities and Sciences (SJCHS) was organized by the Department of Arts, SJCHS on the topic ‘Functions Of Human Resource/Industrial Psychologist In Recruitment, Appraisal And Job Satisfaction.’ scheduled on 31st March, 2022 at 10 a.m. in its endeavors to help the students to understand the functions of an Human resource department in terms of recruitment, appraisal and job satisfaction. The session was conducted by Mr. Sudhir Babu (Human Resources Manager of St. John Technical and Education Campus.)). The webinar was started by Mr. Saurabh Chavan, Asst. Prof. (Psychology), Dept. of Arts, SJCHS who introduced the speaker to the students.

This intriguing session was attended by 10 students and 2 teachers. The speaker started with an introduction to HR and its various functions. He explained the concept of organization structure and organization chart. He talked about his personal experiences in the session related to the subject matter. He explained the process of recruitment in our campus and how an organization recruits people as per the recruitment of the employees. He also explained about some life changing aspects of taking interest in life which made students aware of how important life is and how not to waste it in unnecessary activities. He talked about appraisal and employee satisfaction. Many examples were given by the speaker from his personal life because of which students could easily relate it and understand the concepts. Lastly a question session was taken and students were happy to get proper answers for their questions from the speaker.

Finally, Mr. Saurabh Chavan expressed his gratitude and vote of thanks towards the Speaker for conducting such an enriching session. He further thanked the Management, Principal of the college Dr. Brajabandhu Das and HOD (Dept. of Arts)- Dr. Ravi Mishra for their exemplary efforts in providing such platforms to the Teachers and the Students and helping them increase their knowledge on the subject. Feedback form was later sent to the students and the webinar was concluded.

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