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"Sante"- The BMS Fest

The event focuses on developing and inculcating qualities of Entrepreneurship and Management. It also involves applications of theoretical concepts in virtual business scenario.
Teams from each class of BMS showcase and market their products and services in the campus. This time Sante Fest was organized on 13th January 2020.

This time there were 7 teams which participated in the event.

Game Arena – FYBMS

Gaming Garage – FYBMS

Hot and Chill- SYBMS

Grillacious – TYBMS

Raone- SDSM

Tasty Time- TYBMS

Snack Jack – SYBMS

Each Team was treated as a company. And this companies were assisted by BAF( Accounting and Finance) students to handle billing and accounting. Each third year BAF student was given one volunteer from First Year BAF. So that next year first year students will be aware about the functioning of the event.
On the day of event, these very companies offer shares to public (campus students). There is a virtual Stock Exchange which functions in the campus during the event.
Stock Exchange activities were handled by students from Second and Third Year of BBI (Banking And Insurance) and BAF.
Actual Buying and Selling of shares took place during the period of the event. Each and every transaction of buying and selling were carefully recorded. Total turn over of the stock exchange stood at Rs. 9000.
Success of any product or service depends upon customer satisfaction. Keeping this in mind, a dedicated desk was in place to collect customer feedback. Every customer had been given a coupon after the billing process is over at the respective team stalls.

Customer had a choice to record feedback by putting this coupon in any one of the boxes ( Best, Good, Average) at the customer feedback desk.

Three prizes were awarded to the teams in the categories of Best Product, Best Customer Feedback and Highest Revenue.
Team Tasty Time from Third Year BMS won the Best Product prize . The same team won Best Customer Feedback prize. Team Grillacious from Third Year BMS won Highest Revenue prize.

Total Sales of the event amounted to Rs. 21,515/-

St John GST of 20 % was imposed on the total sales. The amount collected from tax was utilized to pay salaries of the accountants and stock exchange volunteers.

Aldel Education Trust (AET)
St. John College of Engineering and Management (SJCEM)
St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research (SJIPR)
St. John Junior College (SJJC)
St. John International School (SJIS)

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