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Theme Dinner, ‘Turkish Delight’

Students of T.Y. B.Sc. HS successfully conducted the Theme Dinner, ‘Turkish Delight’ on Saturday, 29th February 2020. As part of their curriculum students of T.Y. B.Sc. HS had organized an event under ‘Event Planning Marketing Management’. On the day of the event 70 guests were invited and enjoyed the Turkish delicacy.

The event planning and preparation had started a month prior to the event. The first meeting was conducted on 27th January 2020 by TY HS students and faculties of HS department in which event theme, name of the event and all the departments’ students in-charge were finalized. Students got the sponsorship for the event from the different organizations and retailers.

Mrs. Anuja Dalvi ( G. D. Ambekar College) visited the event for the evaluation of the event as an external examiner. The event started at 6.00 pm in the evening where the front office students welcomed the guest. The guest were offered Turkish Blood as a welcome drink. Turkish culture & their cuisine was showcased through a video presentation and information about the same was given to all the guest.

Once seated the guest were served with starters and drinks. Live counters were set to serve BBQ starters. A bar serving the drinks was set as well at the location. Guest could see their food and drinks getting ready in front of them. Cultural programme and games were arranged to entertain the guests.

Guest enjoyed their food and drinks along with the entertainment. All gave positive feedbacks of the food and the service. They were amased with the kind of arrangements done by the students and encouraged them to conduct such more events in the future.

Students thanked all the dignitaries and the guest for making their event successful with their participation and contribution. A momento of the event was given to all the guests before biding farewell to them.

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