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Reports on Logistics and Hyperlocal

Logistics and in particular hyperlocal delivery is witnessing great boom.
The traditional players in industry are also restructuring their business to suit new age needs. For example, Adani Ports, recently planned to consistently increase warehousing capacity over next 4-5 years. Gati Logistics is also realised need to restructure their business.

Besides this, TCI Express, Allcargo and host of other companies which existed in listed space are gaining new dimension of performance.Mahindra Logistics did perform well in terms of returns but more importantly, Mahindra group is actively exploring Logistics space.Yesterday, Delhivery received nod from SEBI to go ahead with IPO. Delhivery’s IPO will be an important event for entire Logistics sector.

The services offered by Delhivery facilitates new companies, particularly startups to enter market.Direct to Consumer Brands are heavily relying on services of companies like Delhivery.
It would be very interesting to see how Markets react to New Business Model, also what valuation Delhivery seeks from Public Markets.

The session discussed details of emerging hyperlocal trend and quick commerce like 10-15 mins delivery business model. Why do businesses in hyperlocal space are valued at such astonishing valuations and where exactly these companies adds value.

Students were given detailed understanding of FoodTech Industry where delivery creates substantial value for restaurants.
Also, the negative aspects of such dominant hyperlocal delivery apps is also discussed.
Startups like Porter is into hyperlocal commercial delivery space and intra city movement of goods. It is grossly unorganised market and has tremendous potential to become a big industry. Undoubtedly, Logistics and HyperLocal businesses creates employment of youth. The need of the hour is to facilitate infrastructure facilities at local level to boost such businesses.
It is very important to understand that Logistics companies makes other businesses viable and feasible. Logistics and HyperLocal acts as a backbone of E-commerce industry.

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