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Webinar on "World Bread Day"

St. John college of Humanities and Sciences ( Hospitality Studies ) had arranged a webinar on World Bread Day (16 October 2020). It was conducted for all the years’ students of Hospitality Studies. The speaker for the webinar were Chef Bhavna Acharekr ( D’lecta Food Company)Chef Kunal Rathod

On the day of Webinar the topic was the “Journey Of the Bread” where Chef Bhavna explain the history of the bread and the evolution of the bread and how the bread got its journey from the beginning. On the second hand Chef Kunal explained us all about modern age and the emerging trends in bakery. How the modernization took place in the bakery and how the bread develop it new forms. Chef Kunal Shows us various photo of different breads and show piece of the bread.

It was very interesting webinar which was held at the last of the webinar there was the question answer session where student asked the question and Chef Bhavna and Chef Kunal give the answer of the same .Mr Rajan Sharma (SYHS) gave a vote of thanks to the speaker of the day.

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