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Webinar on 'New Trends in Food Industry'

The Webinar started with Mr. Anurag Trehan’s introduction by Mr. Jitendra Choudhari.

Mr. Anurag Trehan explained about the process of manufacturing ready to use food items. He shared his expertise in the field of Managing the QSR. The presentation conducted of the new concepts which are there in the market. His extensive travel experience was shared with the students. The saying ‘ Learn to travel & Travel to learn’ is very true. His experience in the management of multi brand food group also was shared by him. The acumen required to run the business successfully was shared by him. The difference between managing Hotel Operations & QSR, Multiple brands food group was explained by him.

He made aware students about job opportunities in other departments like sales & marketing.Mr. Anurag explained how the ready to use food is effective in today’s world from customer point of view.The usage of ready to use food not only reduces the labour cost but also cuts down other costs related to operations like electricity, rent, rates, etc.The webinar ended with a thank you speech by Mr. Nelson Pereira.

Aldel Education Trust (AET)
St. John College of Engineering and Management (SJCEM)
St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research (SJIPR)
St. John Junior College (SJJC)
St. John International School (SJIS)

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