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Webinar on "Current Trends in Mixology"

On 21st of January 2021, St. John college of Humanities & Sciences-Hospitality department conducted a webinar @ 13:15 hours IST on the topic of “Current Trends in Mixology” and the guest speaker was Mr. Ajinkya Chaughule currently the Head Mixologist & Innovations, Cocktails & Dreams, Mumbai & Bar Solutions LLP. The session was open for all age groups irrespective of gender, area of services & Institution. The webinar was conducted via medium of ‘Google Meet.’

The webinar started by introducing the guest speaker by the student of TYHS (Ashley Pereira). Later on Mr. Ajinkya started his session by explaining the basic idea about a bartender and a mixologist. He talked about his personal journey in the hospitality industry, the highs and lows what he faced during his initial years of working and what he learned in his tenure and how he acquired and furnish his skills.

The session then moved to the actual practical knowledge about bartending and the current trends which has been followed in the industry. The students get the chance to see the actual making of few cocktails prepared by Ajinkya and how each and every ingredients plays a very vital role in a drinks which we serve to a guest. He also talked elements of a drink or an ingredient which includes flavour, presence of oil & bitterness in a particular ingredient.

He also explained the importance of ice and its various types which are been used in the beverage sectors. He also talked about the molecular mixology and usage of liquid nitrogen, dry ice, siphon gun, flavour blaster, smoke machine, etc. in the making of drinks as well as for the presentation of it.

As the session was continuing various students raised their questions and doubts in front of Mr. Ajinkya and he answered the questions and cleared all the doubts of students with great examples in a very effective manner. It was very informative discussion going through between the speaker and the students while demonstrating cocktails.
At the end of the session there was a questionnaire prepared by students and Ajinkya answered them in a very professional way. At last in the honour of our guest speaker Mr. Ajinkya Chaughule a ‘Vote of Thanks’ was given by the student of TYHS (Ranjan Sharma) and hence a very informative session came to an END…!!!!

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