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How to crack Group Discussion

A session on ‘How to crack Group Discussion’ was conducted on 5th October 2019 in Classroom No. 11, 4th floor SJCHS building. Mr. Nishant Mahadeshwar was the Facilitator for the Seminar.

The seminar was attended by 34 students from B.Sc (I.T.) . The motive of the seminar was to conduct a group discussion among the students, to observe their personality and skills, ability to discuss on the given subject and to guide them on how to take part in Group Discussions. The session opened with the ‘Self Introduction’ of students. Continuing with the training, Mr. Nishant gave a topic to the students to involve into group discussion. The topic given was“ Your view on Article 370” The students were given 2 minutes to think over the topic before beginning with the discussion.

The group discussion lasted for about 15-20 minutes. The highlights of the discussion are as follows:

1. There was an initiator who was also a dominator in the group.

2. The group discussion was in English as well as Hindi both Languages.

3. There were few silent observers who didn’t involve in discussion.

4.Some students were fumbling for vocabulary.

5.Students could highlight many important facts and figures pertaining to the topic.

6.Students were unable to understand the topic properly.

7.Lastly nobody could summarize the topic

The session opened with the types of GD i.e.

1. Factual based

2. Controversial

3. Abstract


The main focus of Mr. Nishant was on the positive task roles in a GD. Few such roles are mentioned below


2.Opinion giver/seeker

3.Information giver/seeker



6.Social Supporter



He emphasized that performing a positive role will have a good impact on the interviewer. He also warned them to not to be involved in negative roles like

1.Being disgruntle




Mr. Nishant suggested students to use quotes, facts, figures, definitions, statistics, shocking statements, short story or general statement in the discussion. He gave hints on how to enter a GD midway and ideas to silent members on how to enter a GD. He also gave importance on the non-verbal communication i.e. body language by which attitudes and feelings are communicated.

Lastly he tried to draw attention of the students to summarize and conclude the GD highlighting all the important points’ discussed by the group. Concluding the session Mr. Nishant advised the students to read newspapers and enlist three local, national and global news each which shall help them to be aware of the current news in the world.

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