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Self Defence Workshop and its Practical Demonstration

Participants : Girls Students of St. John Technical Campus NSS units (SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS)

Resource person : Mr. Anil Mali (President, Nihon Shotokon Karate do Federation India)

St. John Technical Campus – NSS Units, St. John College of Engineering and Management (SJCEM), St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research (SJIPR), St. John College of Humanities and Sciences (SJCHS), NSS Units in association with Nihon Shotokon Karate Do Federation (NSKF) India had taken an initiative to create an awareness about to empower girls. The main objective of this programme was to guide girl students for their safety and not to neglect the attitude of ignorance about their safety in their life.

Mr. Vinit Dhanu (Secretary, NSKF India) and Mr. Anil Mali (President, NSKF India), were Chief Guest of the function. Dr. G.V. Mulgund ( Principal, SJCEM), Mr. Sachin Urade (NSS Programme Officer, SJCEM), Mr. Amol Gholap (NSS Programme Officer, SJIPR), Ms. Shraddha More (NSS Programme officer, SJCEM) Mr. Sachin Gawali( NSS Programme Officers of SJCHS), Ms. Sonam Yadav( NSS coordinator of SJCHS) were present for this Programme.

The first session was held on 20th July, 2019. The introductory speech was given by Rucha Keni, NSS Volunteer. She also welcomed the guests and other team members of Karate Team. The practical session also included the basic techniques to defend against any type of physical assault. Total 95 volunteers were participated in this programme and had shown their interest for all type of practical demonstration. Ms. Geetanjali Raut, NSS volunteer proposed vote of thanks to all.

The second session was held on 10th August, 2019. The Instructors Mr. Shivcharan Yadav (Joint Secretary, Nihon Shotokon Karate do Federation India) and Mr. Bhavendra Mestry . Mrs. Sangita Dubey is an officer in Railways and a National level champion in Karate. The purpose of this session was to concentrate on the exercises that will help to build a body which is tough enough to learn the self defense moves. She gave a short speech to girls about daily incidents occurring around and why it is necessary to learn Self Defense. Total 53 girls volunteers participated in this programme. Lastly Ms. Himali Trivedi, NSS volunteer proposed the vote of thanks. The seminar was concluded successfully with a Theme: “Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow”


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