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“Coming out of the Shell of Perpetrator” on the occasion of “Women’s International Day”

The Women Development Cell of SJCHS celebrated the International Women’s day with great viguor, in which a Skit was played by a team of Psychiatrists. The idea behind the skit was to focus on the burning issues of 21st century. The Skit was arranged for Boys students only on the Theme “Coming out of shell of perpetrator” to cover the issues mainly “Decreasing respect for Women day by day” , “Treating Women as objects” and “Eve – Teasing”.
It’s been always said that if the Boys are been provided with a right kind of upbringing, the entire society will change.

Many Girls can be saved by educating a single Boy.

The Skit remained a huge Success, and the message was taken by the students to not get in to the shell of ill practices.
The Women Development Cell is thankful to the entire team of Doctors namely Dr. Sunita Nikumbh, Dr. Manasi Shinde, Dr. Rishikesh Desai, Dr. Jitesh Thakur, Dr. Devyani Deshmukh, Dr. Deepali Naik, Mr. Raja mishra, and Mr. Bharat Raj from Dr. M.L. Dhawale Homeopathy Hospital.


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