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Anti-Plastic Campaign

Programme In-charge: Prof. Maqsood Memon (NSS Programme Officer, SJCHS), Mr. Sachin Urade (NSS Programme Officer, SJCEM)

St. John College of Humanities and Sciences, Palghar (SJCHS) organized various activities on the occasion of Anti Plastic campaign. As per the circular received by NSS cell, University of Mumbai, the activity was to be conducted on 8th September 2018. The NSS Unit organized a Rally, Flash Mob, and Cloth Bags Distribution on the theme of Anti-Plastic Campaign.

The Students of St. John College of Humanities and Sciences, Palghar took part in the rally on Anti-Plastic Campaign. The rally was conducted from Palghar Char Rasta to Near State Bank of India”.The Purpose of this activity was to create awareness among people of Palghar. The main motive of this rally was to create awareness about the harmful uses of plastic and its effects on the environment. The rally was started by the introductory speech given by Shrisha Bari the student of SJCHS .

The rally was inaugurated by the District co-ordinator Prof. Vivek Kudu and Dr. B.S. Ajit Kumar (Principal, SJCHS), Palghar Nagar Parishad officials , Palghar Police officers , faculty co-ordinator Mr.Sachin Gavli and Mr.Sachin Urade (NSS Programme Officer, SJCEM) . The Principal of SJCHS instructed the students to make public awareness about the adverse effects of plastic bags on the environment.

The government officials ,various schools and colleges in Palghar Tehsil participated in this rally. A total of 50 NSS Volunteers participated. The students were very enthusiastic about the rally as they demonstrated with slogan and performed flashmob which made the public attracted towards the eliminating of the plastic bags and by using the cloth bags which were made by the students.

The rally was started from the Chaar Rasta, then moved to the fish market , further the vegetable market, then the Palghar railway station to Panch Batti and then it returned to our final destination near State Bank of India. Almost all the areas of the Palghar were covered to convey the message to the human beings. Three flash mobs were performed at different places, namely fish market, station and State bank of India.

The vote of thanks was given by Neha Gupta, the NSS volunteer . Prof. Maqsood Memon took active role for organizing the rally. Palghar Mitra Editor Neeraj Raut gave a fruitful support for the same. Thus the volunteers successfully persuaded the minds of people in general.


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