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Webinar on “Religious Nationalism and Communal Violence in India”

Webinar on “Religious Nationalism and Communal Violence in India” The B.A. Department organised this Webinar on 11th April 2022 from 11:00 am-12:00 pm The session began with Dr. Ravi Shankar Mishra, HOD of Arts Department of St. John College of Humanities and Sciences welcoming the participants and introducing the resource person. The resource person, Dr. Basil Philip Kunnath, working as a Research Fellow at Centre for Social Research and Advanced Studies, Calicut, conducted the webinar using the online platform Google Meet. Dr. Basil Philip Kunnath started by explaining the concept of religious nationalism and its consequence in the terms of communal violence. He then quickly moved to his comparative historical method to trace the deep roots of religious nationalism and communal violence. He firstly began with deconstruction of the misconception that religions have nothing to do with regard to communal violence. As in common sensical understanding religion is always associated with its primordial aspiration to unite with almighty and spread the message of peace, it is not so often interrogated as a root cause of the communal violence. The petty-political interests of political leaders are definitely found as reasons for inciting of such violence, but religion is mostly spared. Thus, in this regard he traces a number of instances where religious clerics and preachers have in the past given many irresponsible and inflammatory speeches that have incited communal violence. Yet, the onus of communal violence is never placed on religion. He further gave examples of surging of religious nationalism in the context of neo liberal context where people who face an identity crisis while migrating to a different country become more latched to one’s own primordial identity. So, while they adopt the modern lifestyles and consumerism, they develop a neo-traditionalism, where they take recourse to their pristine past an assert their religious identity through reviving the traditional practices or symbols that become essential consumption material of their life and further mobilize a religious nationalist thinking. While upwardly mobile people who can move from one country to another in search of better livelihood and lifestyle, manufacture and develop rigid religious nationalist thought, the lower class are also swept by it. In this regard, he cited the Hindutva and Khalistan movements approach and their surge In the conclusion, the speaker emphasized on the importance of comparative historical method that has the potential to clarify many misconceptions and bring the fact to the light. Religious nationalism is one of the extant topics in sociology that is needed to be approached from new frameworks so as to understand its historical moorings in proper perspective After the lecture session, Dr. Ravi Shankar Mishra, requested students to ask questions from the resource person with regard to his lecture. The speaker answered their questions with an intent to register in their mind the importance of a scientific approach in sociologically studying such a sensitive subject and the need of dislodging the preconceptions in their mind. The event was attended by 27 participants. The event received positive feedback from the participants. After the question-answer session, the webinar concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Ravi Shankar Mishra to the resource person, principal sir, technical team and the participants.

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Report on Annual Budget 2022 – 23

Report on Annual Budget 2022 – 23 Annual Budget 2022 – 23 was a key event, it maps the way forward from pandemic ridden economy. The session oriented students about the overall process of Budget and parliamentary procedures. The session highlights the importance of initiatives taken during pandemic like Universal vaccination drive and aatmanirbhar Bharat.Major highlights of the session1. Revenue position of the government in one picture is explained.2. The revenue shared with states and UTs is discussed and also the major trends in tax revenue are depicted.3. Due to recent pandemic, the expenditure side is increased, leading to higher fiscal deficit. Fiscal deficit trends are also discussed in the session.4. Sources of deficit financing5. Likewise detailed proposals of health, education, infrastructure are discussed.6. Indirect Tax collection and its trend. Special emphasis of the budget was on Infrastructure sector which is key for long term growth of the economy. Substantial increase in capital expenditure, is one of the important points of this budget.Students were made aware about, what is capital expenditure and how it enhances long term productivity and Outlook of the economy. RBI will launch a digital currency in the financial year 2022-23. This is a big breakthrough, as digital currency will pave way of department digitisation of economy and easy payments and settlements. It is also noticed that India will be the second country in the world to launch such digital currency. First country to launch Digital Currency on Pilot basis is China. The Union Budget also highlighted need to move towards greener and cleaner sources of energy. The aim of moving to Carbon neutral economy is discussed in the session. Also trends which support carbon neutral economy and technologies which are critical to achieve this are highlighted.Total 150 students attended the session and students asked about questions on Crypto Currency and Fall in GDP during pandemic.

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Reports on Logistics and Hyperlocal

Reports on Logistics and Hyperlocal Logistics and in particular hyperlocal delivery is witnessing great boom.The traditional players in industry are also restructuring their business to suit new age needs. For example, Adani Ports, recently planned to consistently increase warehousing capacity over next 4-5 years. Gati Logistics is also realised need to restructure their business. Besides this, TCI Express, Allcargo and host of other companies which existed in listed space are gaining new dimension of performance.Mahindra Logistics did perform well in terms of returns but more importantly, Mahindra group is actively exploring Logistics space.Yesterday, Delhivery received nod from SEBI to go ahead with IPO. Delhivery’s IPO will be an important event for entire Logistics sector. The services offered by Delhivery facilitates new companies, particularly startups to enter market.Direct to Consumer Brands are heavily relying on services of companies like Delhivery.It would be very interesting to see how Markets react to New Business Model, also what valuation Delhivery seeks from Public Markets. The session discussed details of emerging hyperlocal trend and quick commerce like 10-15 mins delivery business model. Why do businesses in hyperlocal space are valued at such astonishing valuations and where exactly these companies adds value. Students were given detailed understanding of FoodTech Industry where delivery creates substantial value for restaurants.Also, the negative aspects of such dominant hyperlocal delivery apps is also discussed.Startups like Porter is into hyperlocal commercial delivery space and intra city movement of goods. It is grossly unorganised market and has tremendous potential to become a big industry. Undoubtedly, Logistics and HyperLocal businesses creates employment of youth. The need of the hour is to facilitate infrastructure facilities at local level to boost such businesses.It is very important to understand that Logistics companies makes other businesses viable and feasible. Logistics and HyperLocal acts as a backbone of E-commerce industry.

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सप्तरंग २०२२

सप्तरंग २०२२ सप्तरंग २०२२ event was organised for the student of St. John College of Humanities & Sciences all students of all streams participated in all the events conducted.The event took place on 04-04-2022 till 06-04-2022Date: 04-04-2022 (Day 1)1.Programme started with the Universal Prayer at 10:00 am outside of the SJCHS building in presence of the Chairman Sir Mr. Albert W. D’souza, Treasurer Mrs. Elvina D’souza and Campus Director Dr. Henry Babu.2.Followed by Lighting up of lamps by Chairman Sir, Elvina Madam, Henry Sir, Pooja Madam, and two students respectively.3.A small introduction announcement was done by Ms. Kavita Patel TYBAF of the event title सप्तरंग.4.Ms. Kavita Patel welcomed all the dignitaries and followed by Chairman sir gave a speech.5.Followed by which the event was Inaugurated by Chairman Sir.6.Rest all events were open as follows. Date: 05-04-2022 (Day 2)सप्तरंग conducted a sports event on 05-04-2022 at morning 08:00 am.1.Oath taking ceremony was taken by Mr. Tejangan Dhanu TYHS student of SJCHS.2.Oath Ceremony conducted in presence of Sr. Hilda (Administrator), Dr. Fracin Pinto (Administrator), Ms. Pooja Shetty (Incharge), Mr. Kunal Churi (Sports Incharge) and Mr. Omkar Chavan (Event Coordinator – सप्तरंग)3.Post Oath Ceremony toss for first cricket tournament took place.4.First toss was done by Sr. Hilda and the sports day started. Date: 06-04-2022 (Day 3)सप्तरंग day 3 was started with the cultural event at 10:00 am1. Events were distributed to the faculty as well as student representatives.2. Started with chocolate distribution by Anchor – (Sonal Gaurani TYBAF).3. Later Fashion Show competition was conducted followed by Singing Solo/Group and dance solo/group.

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A Seminar On The Topic ‘Functions Of Human Resource/Industrial Psychologist In Recruitment, Appraisal And Job Satisfaction.’

A Seminar On The Topic ‘Functions Of Human Resource/Industrial Psychologist In Recruitment, Appraisal And Job Satisfaction.’ An informative seminar for the students of St. John College of Humanities and Sciences (SJCHS) was organized by the Department of Arts, SJCHS on the topic ‘Functions Of Human Resource/Industrial Psychologist In Recruitment, Appraisal And Job Satisfaction.’ scheduled on 31st March, 2022 at 10 a.m. in its endeavors to help the students to understand the functions of an Human resource department in terms of recruitment, appraisal and job satisfaction. The session was conducted by Mr. Sudhir Babu (Human Resources Manager of St. John Technical and Education Campus.)). The webinar was started by Mr. Saurabh Chavan, Asst. Prof. (Psychology), Dept. of Arts, SJCHS who introduced the speaker to the students. This intriguing session was attended by 10 students and 2 teachers. The speaker started with an introduction to HR and its various functions. He explained the concept of organization structure and organization chart. He talked about his personal experiences in the session related to the subject matter. He explained the process of recruitment in our campus and how an organization recruits people as per the recruitment of the employees. He also explained about some life changing aspects of taking interest in life which made students aware of how important life is and how not to waste it in unnecessary activities. He talked about appraisal and employee satisfaction. Many examples were given by the speaker from his personal life because of which students could easily relate it and understand the concepts. Lastly a question session was taken and students were happy to get proper answers for their questions from the speaker. Finally, Mr. Saurabh Chavan expressed his gratitude and vote of thanks towards the Speaker for conducting such an enriching session. He further thanked the Management, Principal of the college Dr. Brajabandhu Das and HOD (Dept. of Arts)- Dr. Ravi Mishra for their exemplary efforts in providing such platforms to the Teachers and the Students and helping them increase their knowledge on the subject. Feedback form was later sent to the students and the webinar was concluded.

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