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Ganpati Naivedya Thali

Ganpati Naivedya Thali St. John College of Humanities & Sciences, Palghar Department of Hospitality Studies, Second Year students conducted a theme lunch for the Staff of SJTC. Festivals build group cohesiveness. Festivals inform,educate,bring people together, break the monotony of routine and give us a chance to re-energize our body, mind, and spirit. Of all the festivals,Ganesh Chaturthi is the most colourful. Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival that marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha. The celebrations began with a phenomenal Arti (ritual of worship) performance by the students of all courses along with staff members. There was devotion, creativity and fun altogether. Amongst the items prepared were – Batatyachi bhaji , Waala aalu chi bhaji, Puri, Dal, Bhaat, Koshimbir, Batata/Mirchi bhaji, Shrikhanda, Modak, aloo vadi all of which are a part of the traditional fare served during this festive period. The Students took utmost care in the preparation and serving of the food and the guests were impressed by the eclectic flavours. Members of the Senior Management were also present to partake in this auspicious meal.

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Workshop on Flower Arrangement

Workshop on Flower Arrangement St. John College of Humanities and Sciences, Palghar Department of Hospitality Studies conducted a workshop “Flower Arrangement” on 20-07-2022 from 10:00am onwards. The objective of this workshop is to create an awareness and enhance students of SYHS and TYHS creativity in flower arrangement using various techniques, types, shapes and colours. A social media post was created with the help of the media team and the same was uploaded on various social media platforms. Introduction to the resource person Mrs. Priyanka Khandekar was given by Ms. Prachi Patil Madam Faculty of Front Office. Later the charge was taken by the Mrs. Khandekar explained various types of arrangement , flowers, equipment, containers, accessories used in making different arrangements. Demonstration was for taken place in which Mrs. Khandekar covered a few academic topics for the students and simultaneously made the arrangements. She demonstrated with proper explanation of each arrangement with styles and also innovation using students’ ideas. In between question-answer sessions were held after every demonstration where all the students clearly understood the points. After a short break of lunch, all the students were assemble back to the session where students were individually prepared arrangements and shown to Mrs. Khandekar. After doing this workshop students were aware about the arrangements that are used in the hospitality industry, understood about the importance of flowers, selection, care and conditioning of plant materials.

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Farewell 2021-22

Farewell 2021-22 Report On Farewell 2021-2022 1. Dated on 12th April 2022, St. John College of Humanities and Sciences has organized a Farewell Party for the Third year students of Department of Hospitality Studies, Department of Commerce and Management, Department of Arts and Department of Information Technology. 2. The theme for the Farewell Party was Ballroom Classic and venue- Event Hall 6th floor, SJCHS 3. The Event started with a lunch program scheduled at 12:30 pm in Canopy near Aldel restaurant followed by Universal Prayer for peace at 1:30 pm in Event hall, 6th floor. 4. Dr. Francin Pinto addressed the students by presenting a welcome note and wished them for their future endeavors. The dance program began at 2:30 pm followed by singing performed by First and Second year students to boost up the event. 5. The spot games organized for Third year students were as follows:Sr No       Spot games              Winners1            Paper Dance           Mr. Mayank Rosario (HS) and Ms. Aishwarya Pulluvallil (BMS)2            Highest heels         (Girls) Ms.Divya Castelino (BMS)3            Stylish Beard             (Boys) Mr. Madan Shenoy (BBI)4.          Mr. and Ms. Ballroom Mr. Amaan Shaikh (BBI) and Ms.Sanika Raut (BMS) 6. Trophies distribution for toppers began at 3:30 pm followed by distribution of Funny awards. Sister Hilda presented the awards to students. The list of toppers is as follows:Sr No            Department                  Toppers of the year 20221                           HS                              Mr. Mayank Rosario2                          BAF                            Ms. Nandini Parmar3                          BMS                           Ms. Reeda Mulla4                          BBI                             Mr. Ijaz Khan5                          BCOM                        Ms. Aleena Bindu6                          IT                                Ms. Ranjeeta Dalvi7                          BA                               Ms. Gautami Patil Nelson Pereira, Prachi Patil and Omkar Chavan presented the funny awards.The winners of Funny Awards are as follows:Sr No                Funny Award Title Winners1                          Aalas ki Dukaan Mr. Vineet Kotian (Bcom)2                         Bol Bacchan Mr. Tejangan Dhanu (HS) and Mr. Bhavesh Patel (BMS)3                         Kitabi Keeda Mr. Himanshu Jain (BAF)4                         Fighter Cock Mr. Madan Murthy (BBI)5                         Cry Baby Ms. Jigisha Khanolkar (BA)6                         Hood Hood Dabangg Ms. Sonali Singh (IT) 7. The Student of the year 2022 was chosen on the basis of One minute speech competition. Out of seven nominated students, Tejangan Dhanu (HS) was awarded as the Student of the year 2022 by Pinto ma’am. 8. Memory video was played followed by a Vote of Thanks delivered by Ms Pooja Shetty. Sister Hilda wished students good luck and announced the distribution of mementoes to students. 9. Third year students along with their respective faculties took group photos and collected mementoes.10. The program came to an end after DJ party for 10minutes at 4:30 pm

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