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A Report on Yoga Awareness & its Practical Demonstration

Date: 21st June 2020
Time: 10:00 AM To 11:30 AM.
Participants : NSS Volunteers of SJCEM, SJIPR, SJCHS
Venue: University Level Activity (Online Mode)

As per the directive received from the Central Government of India and the University of Mumbai, NSS Cell Churchgate, the NSS Units of the affiliated colleges were instructed to attend International Yoga Day programme on 21st June 2020 through online mode.

Mr. Sachin Urade, the NSS Programme Officer of St. John College of Engineering and Management, Palghar, received a What’s App message and a link. The same link and message were forwarded to all other NSS Programme officers of the sister institutes of St. John Technical and Educational Campus so as to take place awareness about the International Yoga Day.
The Event was coordinated by the University of Mumbai, NSS Cell. The session began with the University and NSS Songs. Later on, an introductory speech was delivered on Yoga Awareness by Dr. Sudhir Puranik (Director, NSS Cell). Hon. Dr. Suhas Pednekar, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai, inaugurated the International Yoga Day and addressed to all the participants about yoga and importance of it in our day-to-day life for physical and mental fitness of an individual.

The practical session began with an introduction to Yoga and its awareness. The Yoga Trainer practically demonstrated various ‘asanas’ like Balasana, Setu Bandha sarvongasana, sukhasana, Utkatasana, Suryanamaskar, Manjarasan, Kapal Bhaati, etc and highlighted their benefits to human life. Thus, the session was useful and beneficial to all the participants. It was ended with vote of thanks.

Aldel Education Trust (AET)
St. John College of Engineering and Management (SJCEM)
St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research (SJIPR)
St. John Junior College (SJJC)
St. John International School (SJIS)

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