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सप्तरंग २०२२

सप्तरंग २०२२ event was organised for the student of St. John College of Humanities & Sciences all students of all streams participated in all the events conducted.
The event took place on 04-04-2022 till 06-04-2022
Date: 04-04-2022 (Day 1)
1.Programme started with the Universal Prayer at 10:00 am outside of the SJCHS building in presence of the Chairman Sir Mr. Albert W. D’souza, Treasurer Mrs. Elvina D’souza and Campus Director Dr. Henry Babu.
2.Followed by Lighting up of lamps by Chairman Sir, Elvina Madam, Henry Sir, Pooja Madam, and two students respectively.
3.A small introduction announcement was done by Ms. Kavita Patel TYBAF of the event title सप्तरंग.
4.Ms. Kavita Patel welcomed all the dignitaries and followed by Chairman sir gave a speech.
5.Followed by which the event was Inaugurated by Chairman Sir.
6.Rest all events were open as follows.

Date: 05-04-2022 (Day 2)
सप्तरंग conducted a sports event on 05-04-2022 at morning 08:00 am.
1.Oath taking ceremony was taken by Mr. Tejangan Dhanu TYHS student of SJCHS.
2.Oath Ceremony conducted in presence of Sr. Hilda (Administrator), Dr. Fracin Pinto (Administrator), Ms. Pooja Shetty (Incharge), Mr. Kunal Churi (Sports Incharge) and Mr. Omkar Chavan (Event Coordinator – सप्तरंग)
3.Post Oath Ceremony toss for first cricket tournament took place.
4.First toss was done by Sr. Hilda and the sports day started.

Date: 06-04-2022 (Day 3)
सप्तरंग day 3 was started with the cultural event at 10:00 am
1. Events were distributed to the faculty as well as student representatives.
2. Started with chocolate distribution by Anchor – (Sonal Gaurani TYBAF).
3. Later Fashion Show competition was conducted followed by Singing Solo/Group and dance solo/group.

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